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NORTH BATTLEFORD HOUSING AUTHORITY #102 1191 99TH Street, North Battleford, SK S9A 3V8

About us

North Battleford Housing Authority (NBHA) exists to ensure, on behalf of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, that adequate, affordable, and well-maintained housing is accessible to all residents of North Battleford.

By delivering housing programs and services that support the dignity and worth of individuals and families we contribute to the physical, social, emotional, and economic wellbeing of our clients and our society.

NBHA was formed by Ministerial Order on December 4, 1964.  Since that date, NBHA has provided community based property management and program delivery services on behalf of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC). 


A Board of Directors, made up of seven volunteers from the community, provides governance and oversight to the staff members of NBHA.


Current Directors

  • Mr. Kenneth Holliday, Chairperson
  • Mr. Dave Gubbe, Vice- chairperson
  • Ms. Grace MacFarlane, Secretary
  • Ms. June Newsham
  • Mr. Brad Marchewka
  • Mr. Donald Salie
  • Ms. Marlene Bugler

Board members are appointed by the Minister responsible for SHC. 

  • Current Staff Members

    • Lorrieann Frohlich, Housing Authority Manager
    • Darryl Mills, Operations Manager
    • Aryh Malabanan, Financial Administrator
    • Christie McGonigal, Administrative Assistant
    • Rietta Romfo, Administrative Assistant
    • Jacquie Taylor, Tenant Relations Officer
    • Leona Boehm, Tenant Relations Officer
    • Larry Kopp, Maintenance Supervisor
    • Predrag Takaric, Maintenance Worker
    • Mickey Zeljko Sivc, Maintenance Worker
    • Paul Slater, Maintenance Worker
    • Richard Rosendahl, Maintenance Worker

      Important Policy Information

    • NBHA has a NO PET policy
    • Permission must be obtained from NBHA before installing:
      -a satellite dish
      -a security system
      -an air conditioner
      -a ceiling fan
      -a shed
      -or before making any other alteration to a unit
    • Vehicles parked in your parking spot or driveway must be licensed and roadworthy


101st Duplexes 1964

Family Housing

The 101st Street Duplexes were the first units managed by NBHA. They still provide housing to families today.

Housing Authority

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